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Some thoughts on The Bicycle...  Almost everyone has owned or ridden a bicycle at one point in their life. Some had some great experiences while others...maybe not so positive. My mother was one of those not so fortunate ones that crashed on a bike as a kid and she never really tried again. Even though she never rode a bike again, she had a bicycle story to tell friends and family. A bicycle is an investment in your physical and mental health, in your journey for adventure and freedom and an investment into procrastination.  Think about it! You have a...

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Now that the snow is on the ground and our service department has slowed down we are able to update on some service suggestions and myths.  One of the frequent questions we receive is how often does my bike need service?  To answer that fairly, there are a few factors to be considered. 1. How often you ride 2. Type of riding 3. How you store your bike 4. What does your bicycle care look like. In order for your bike to perform at top level, you should service it every ride.  This service could be as simple as a...

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