Some Bicycle Thoughts...

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Some Bicycle Thoughts...

Some thoughts on The Bicycle... 

Almost everyone has owned or ridden a bicycle at one point in their life. Some had some great experiences while others...maybe not so positive. My mother was one of those not so fortunate ones that crashed on a bike as a kid and she never really tried again. Even though she never rode a bike again, she had a bicycle story to tell friends and family. A bicycle is an investment in your physical and mental health, in your journey for adventure and freedom and an investment into procrastination. 

Think about it! You have a deadline due at work, some house chores, some shopping to do but you look over at your bicycle and you think, one quick ride, just one small ride before I get started on my work. If I leave now, I will be back on time to get everything done. We all know how good we feel after a ride and how a ride clears your head to focus on responsibilities. Having a bicycle allows you to hone in and practice your skills at being the best procrastinator in the Family, unless you involve Family members in your bicycle rides. 

Another thought to ponder about bicycles is the magic that a ride performs for your mental health. No matter how annoying your coworker or boss are, no matter how many times that kid in the grocery store hit your heels, no matter how long the dude in the lotto line up takes a ride on your bike clears your head so you are mentally stable to function in society. As well as a mental health coping tool a bicycle also helps with health issues. They are even Doctor recommended and some insurance providers even offer fitness bonuses for clients who purchase bicycles. 

Lastly, a bicycle is a badge that allows you to brag openly about each and every adventure you go on. Each ride is a new experience, whether you cross paths with a bear, run out of water half way through your ride or crash hard on a section of trail above your skill level. You now have the right to tell the story over and over again. Amaze coworkers and distant Family, that kid who hit your heels in the grocery store and the fellow spending his entire cheque on lottery tickets. Everyone gets to hear your stories. 

So, make sure you get out there and spread the word about all the great benefits of cycling. If you are missing out on this adventure and investment stop in and see us today so we can start you on the journey to greatness. We are happy to share our stories in safe space and help you create your own. 

Happy Holidays and see you in 2023. 

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