Bicycle Service - Important

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Bicycle Service - Important

Now that the snow is on the ground and our service department has slowed down we are able to update on some service suggestions and myths.  One of the frequent questions we receive is how often does my bike need service?  To answer that fairly, there are a few factors to be considered.

1. How often you ride

2. Type of riding

3. How you store your bike

4. What does your bicycle care look like.

In order for your bike to perform at top level, you should service it every ride.  This service could be as simple as a gear adjust or limit screw adjust.  While out riding there is the possibility of components to become out of alignment. If the bike fell, if the bike had a stick hit the derailleur, if the water or mud found a way into the shift or brake housing any of these could cause poor performance. 

Secondly, while storing you bike, ensure your derailleur, spokes and other components are not getting tangled or caught on other bikes or items in the storage space.  This can cause damage to bicycle components.

Is your bicycle care up to standard?  You should at least, wash your bicycle with a gentle spray and thoroughly dry all components after each ride.  Once dry, lube the chain and wipe off excess lube.  This ensures your bicycle is ready when your next adventure comes along.  We sell complete care kits for all your bicycle maintenance.  We would be happy to help set you up.

Lastly, whether we look after your bicycle or you look after your own, make sure you stay up on basic maintenance practices to ensure the life of components and years of happy adventures.

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