Winter Training - What do I do?

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Winter Training - What do I do?

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So, you want to keep in shape over the winter and you are wondering what is the best way. The best way to keep fitness levels up over the winter is to stay active! Simple. Keep yourself active in whatever way is going to get you off the couch and out the door.  

If you logged a lot of summer time KMs changing your activity for something like XC skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, swimming or any sport that keeps your endurance up is a great choice. Don’t forget to throw in a weekly easy pace ride in there.  

Of course, riding outdoors is a great way to have you ready for spring events. Riding outdoors keeps the body tuned to spring conditions and uses more muscles than indoor trainer rides. That is not saying a trainer ride won’t build fitness, with the introduction of Strava that has taken indoor cycling to new levels, you can ride an easy pace in Central Park to some of the toughest climbs in the world. 

When deciding what to do, ask yourself what you like to do and what you are able to commit to, if it’s a cycling trainer or outdoor cycling we are here to help. Stop in let's chat about your winter fitness routine. 

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