"What is your cheapest lock?"

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"What is your cheapest lock?"

At the checkout we hear this question quite often, sadly this is not what quality you are looking for when buying a lock.  Let's face it, having your bicycle stolen really sucks...as the sticker says, " Bike Thieves Suck!".  It all is a hassle from having to find a way home after a theft to replacing your bike.  It takes your time away and we all know how important time is.  Save time by investing in a quality lock from the start. At The Hub we carry one brand of lock and only one...Abus.  We carry them for one reason only.... They are the best.  When purchasing a lock some things to consider.

1.  Where are you locking your bike up?  School, Work, Mall, Garage?

2. What time of day will your bike be locked up?

3. How long will your bike be locked up?

4. How much activity in the area you are locking your bike

5. How do you plan on carrying your lock

6. Do you want combination or key

7. What other security items will you need to secure your bike?

These are just some questions to think about, please come by, let us guide you in selecting a lock that works for your needs.  

A quick easy video to showcase locking your bicycle 


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