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  You have your new bike and are out riding it around.  You may put it on your car rack to go to start points, ride from your house or ride to work.  No matter which ride you do, someone is looking to steal your bike.  Aside from investing in a good quality lock (price does reflect quality) there are some fundamental things you must do to keep you bike safe.  I will try to summarize them here.

1.  Know your serial number!   This seems simple but the Police will be more active if you know your serial number.  There are millions of bikes sold each year; this number identifies your bike and your bike only.  If the place you bought your bicycle from does not provide you with your serial number you will have to record it yourself.  Typically it is located under the bottom bracket shell.

2.  Take a picture of your bicycle with a picture of the serial number and email it to yourself. This way you always have it on file.  You can even print the photo, roll it up and keep it inside your handle bar or seat post.   This is another great way for the Police to verify the bike is yours.


3.  Don’t leave the garage door open!  Thieves ride/drive/walk around looking for targets and come back when you are least expecting it.   They will watch a potential location and learn the habits.  


4.  Try not to leave your bicycle on the car rack outside or parked outside, again, thieves will notice this and return.  As well if you are riding from your house on a regular basis, make sure you choose different routes to and from your house.   A change of routine will take longer for a thief to notice you and your bike

5.  Make sure your address is not listed on social platforms like Stava.  Thieves can locate you through these platforms, so make sure you turn your GPS off and on away from your house.


6.  Lock them in the house and the garage.   Anything you can do to deter the theft is a step in the right direction.  Make sure your lock is positioned so they cannot gain leverage to pry or cut the lock.


It does really only take seconds for a bicycle to disappear make sure you take the time to keep you bike safe.



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Spring Day First Ride

So the sun is out and the kids have asked their bikes to pulled out from the depths of the garage.  Off they go down the street or sidewalk to call on their friends.  The true moment of freedom, more for you as the parent but for them they are away from the nest again.   Suddenly, the perfect day is interrupted by the front door flying open and your son/daughter yelling "my bike is broken".  Luckily, it is just a flat tire but this may have been prevented.   

  All too often we see flats from what is referred to as a "pinch flat".  Pinch flats happen when the inner tube is not inflated to the correct pressure. You should check tire pressure every ride...yes every ride.  This applies to both adult and kids bikes.  Proper tire pressure not only prevents pinch flats but it provides a better ride.  Along the sidewall of the tire will be some numbers that look something like this.




  This is the range of pressure you should run.  Each type of tire and type of ride condition will dictate what pressure.  A general rule of thumb is the more pressure the faster the tire but the more rigid it feels.  A lower pressure provides more grip and a supple feel to the ride.  For most rail trail community paths and road run as high a pressure as you can.  For off road riding run a lower pressure for better grip (not too low though).

  Feel free to come by with any questions for tires, pressures, etc. at The Hub Bicycle Shop or ride up and we can let you know if your pressure is at proper pressure.
















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Bicycle Service

  Great job, you have decided to get out on the bike this year, a huge step in the right direction.  The next step is bicycle service!  All bicycles need service, whether from Department Store or Local Bicycle Shop.  That is where we fit in; we are the area’s service experts.  From going over your bicycle in our inspection to suggestion items that enhance the ride, we are here to help.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when servicing your bicycle.

  Not everyone is a bicycle mechanic!  You all have that one friend who claims to be able to fix your bike, in some cases that may be true but more often they do not thoroughly repair your bicycle.  If you ask any bicycle shop what the most in demand job skill is, it is bicycle mechanic.  Have your bicycle serviced by someone who is qualified to do the work.

  A good mechanic has an understanding of all types of riding.  Not everyone has a race ready road bike.  Ask your mechanic what type of cycling they do or have done.  If you are a rail trail rider who gets out on the weekends, the mechanic who only races road may not understand your needs for the rides you do.

  Prevention goes a long way.  If your bicycle is making different noises or feels different while riding, have it looked at.  It is a free service to have a bicycle looked at.   Also, yearly tune ups keep your bike up and running in top shape.  Lube your chain, pump your tires up and keep your bike clean are very helpful in prolonging the life of your bike

Lastly, get your bicycle in for service before the season starts.  In an ideal world, if you can get your bicycle in before April, you will not have the long wait that happens as soon as the good weather gets here. 

Happy Trails and see you out on the bike!

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What is wrong with my bike

Shop Talk – What is wrong with your bike?

Well looks like we are going to be blessed with some spring like weather this weekend and I am sure some of you will be pulling you bicycles out or the kids bikes out for a little spin around the block, or longer.   I doubt we will see the surge of repair bikes this weekend; it won’t be long before we do.  If you are looking for service now is the time to get your bike in, beat the rush.



While on the topic of service, I want to suggest a quick little check that can apply to all bicycles!  Something, we see  a lot of are unmaintained bikes.  The three biggest problems we see are; bicycle tires under inflated, non lubed chains and improper brake set up.  So we have a simple acronym to help you remember what to check on your bike.

                                                               A    B   C

A - Air! Always check the air pressure!  Labeled on the side of the tire wall are the minimum to maximum pressures

B -  Brakes! Always check your brakes!  Pull both levers to the handle bar and gently rock the bike back and forth to make sure there is no significant play

C – Chain, crank, cassette!  Always check the chain for rust and stiff links.  Gently back peddle the crank arm to ensure that the chain runs smoothly over the cassette and rings.  Be sure to check and lube the chain as well. 

As always, please contact us for ANY questions regarding your bicycles or 519-249-1743

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Locking your bike

So you are now out and about on your bike or you are intending to be this spring.  That is great and we wish you all the success in your cycle adventures.  We want to talk about one very important accessory that you will need for your adventures, the bicycle lock!  Yes, we live in an age where a bicycle lock is mandatory.  Let’s briefly chat about some types of locks.

Basically we stock and sell three categories of locks, Good, Better and Best.  Inside those categories are many options but for the blog, we will keep it simple.   First, what level of security do you need?  If you are locking your bike at the back of your work and will be leaving it fully unattended for the day, we suggest getting the best lock you can buy.  This way, the bicycle thief has less chance of getting your bike.  Most locks in this range are around the $100 mark.  Honestly a small investment over the cost of replacing your bicycle.  If you are riding to the grocery store, work, or areas that require less security, we suggest our “better” lock.  This way you can confidently leave your bike while you run your errands.   Locks in this category run around the $60 mark.  Lastly, if you are looking for a quick lock up while sipping coffee or close by your bike we suggest the “good” lock.  Enough to keep your bike secure but not a beast of a lock to carry around.  Most locks in this category are about $40.

We strongly suggest talking with your LBS (local bicycle shop) in regards to your bicycle security needs.  They can offer better suggestions on the type of lock you need to match your needs.  Do your research on locks and which brands to trust.  Bicycle theft is on the rise but it is preventable.

Also, please keep accurate records of your bicycle in the event of a theft.  The police will require a serial number and any other prominent features to identify your bike.

Enjoy your bicycle and keep it safe.

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Winter Blues

Winter Blues and some thoughts that go with them

  First of all, this has been one of the easiest winters I can remember!  I have had less snow shovelling, less CAA calls and less torn kid’s snow pants.  Yet at the same time every year as a bicycle shop owner winter blues set in.  Less people in the store, trails are not really accessible and the days are short, dark and cold!

  At this time of year, I start looking for things to spend my money on, kind of like a mid-life crisis but only I call it, mid-winter crisis.  The new road bike, the new cross bike and which mountain bike I will ride next year.  At this time podium finishes and endless trail days are the on board movie in my brain.  I just know the next year is going to be amazing.   There is something to be said for flipping through a new supplier catalogue, could relate back to the first day of school when those shiny new text books were passed back in each row in class.

  So what will change this year, well, nothing, my kids and wife will ride a bit more, we will have a few more family excursions, I will see lots of happy faces as people leave with new bikes or tuned up bikes.  2016 is going to be a kick ass year!  We will be here handing out a lifestyle that only bicycles can offer.  Come on by and check out the bicycle lifestyle at The Hub!   

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Getting ready to ride into work


I am onto my second week of riding to work by bicycle!  It is not a far ride, only 10km but enough to get the blood flowing and heart rate up.  For those who don't know my past and have only seen me in the environment of The Hub Bicycle Shop, I used to ride everywhere by bicycle.  I really had little use for a car except to get me to places to ride my bicycle.  So fast forward, 12 years of business and 3 kids later, bicycle commuting is a whole new experience.  I have to make sure I hide shinny things from our three year old, have everything for the day packed while 3 happy kids try and tell me stories and then regain my fitness to make the ride in.  So far, it has been a success! 

  My ride is an older Bianci mountain bike with Shimano Deore 7spd thumb shifters.  I put a full fender set, new bell and seat on it and I am loving this as my go anywhere bike.  I am not afraid to lock it up, its purple and blue, so would be thieves think its ugly, but I know the true value of my new friend.  

  As the coming winter sets in, I plan to share my stories, listen to yours and experince a great time on a bicycle!  Why not pull out your bicycle and try a ride in, if you do not all ready! Have a great weekend.



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Second Post

Here is our second post


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